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After more than 30 years of experience dedicated to realistic painting using various techniques such as oil, pastel, charcoal, etc., Samely Fine Art born between the cities of Barcelona and Milan, in 2017. A before and after is marked , showing itself as a brand for the work of artistic ceramics and abstract and materic painting.

Everything is built entirely by hand with high quality materials by the artist Lydia Mesa. Who has received training by the renowned Catalan artisan teacher Rosa Cortiella in the ceramic technique. However, abstract and material painting is something that has been inside her for years and simply lets her imagination and intuition loose free rein.

Samely Fine Art conceives each work that makes a trip full of experiences and learning, with a result of unique and exclusive pieces of art.

The avant-garde design, the detail, the color and the behavior of the materials are the most studied elements in each individual work.

Capacity for customized orders.

"Un cielo senza colore, un mare senza ombre, un corpo senza grazia un mondo senza bellezza questo il dramma di una vita senz'arte" Italo Sorbara
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